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Attention: All orders placed after 12/14 are not guaranteed by Christmas!
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Delaware Beach Tags

DE Surf Fishing

Delaware is known for its beaches, and more specifically the drive-ons. The drive-on beaches are used for active surf-fishing with a valid surf-fishing vehicle permit and beach tag that are required to access the drive-on in addition to a four-wheel drive vehicle. However, once you obtain a permit, you are guaranteed to create the best memories. Grilling, beach sports, open space, surfing, sport fishing and having everything you need in your vehicle makes these special access beaches appealing to locals and tourists.


In 1958, permits became required to drive on the beach. The first surf tags made were black metal plates with white writing. On the top of the tags it stated, “Delaware Surf Fishing” followed by a tag number and “Vehicle permit, Division of Parks and Recreations.” In the following years, the tags changed colors and designs often to distinguish between in-state and out of state vehicles. All beach tags up until the 1990s contained numbers. After the original beach tags, there were white tags with red lettering, yellow tags with blue lettering, white tags with black lettering, red tags with white lettering, blue tags with white lettering, blue tags with yellow lettering and white tags with blue lettering. In the late 1980s to the present time, surf tags have a picture of a jeep with a fishing pole.


Since 1905, when vehicle registration and license plates became required in Delaware, Delaware residents have been interested in obtaining low-digit license plates and that is no different when it comes to buying a beach tag. Low-digit tags are relics of the past and have become a symbol of status and prestige. In 2014, Delaware made it legal for the State Parks to auction off low-digit beach tags in order to raise money for the parks and beaches.