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Hippie Reads Interview

Hippie Reads Interview

Shop Small and Support Local Businesses 

By: Courtney Labb

In March 27, 2019, I met with Margo Mitchell, the owner of Happy Camper Design Co., at her home workshop in Lewes, Delaware. When I walked in, Margo was hard at work peeling stickers off acrylic mask hooks that she made for donation to help support the needs of local healthcare workers who are on the front lines dealing with Covid-19. She stated that she “feels obligated to do something to help the cause.” As I sat down to start interviewing her, she was distracted with multiple phone calls, emails, and texts from her customers and healthcare workers hoping to get the hooks she made. At the same time, she was chasing her 2-year-old around and tending to her 5-month-old. I thought to myself, “how could she possibly get anything done?” But throughout this interview, I realized she does everything she can to make sure she gets her work done including recruiting me to help with her mask hooks....

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